There is no miracle recipe for managing a team. However, getting the support of its teams and bringing them to more and more ambitious projects requires the manager to question. Here are some tips on how to better manage a team in the best possible conditions.

  1. Managing a team means Listening

If you think that managing a team means giving orders, you are wrong. Knowing how to manage a team means knowing how to listen to the needs and ideas of your team. Knowing your employees allows you to build on their strengths and know what motivates them, but also to work on their weak points. Visit: TheBuyersTrend for latest Education and Business related Amazon Product reviews & Buyers guide.

  1. Managing a team means being Exemplary

Do not fall into the trap of the nice manager who wants to be loved. Be sure to tell your co-workers when they are wrong and think about giving them the path to follow so they do not duplicate their mistakes. But managing a team of work also involves setting an example. If you are mistaken, know yourself to behave positively.

  1. Good to Accompany for good Manager

Do not stand alone in your office waiting for projects to come to fruition. Well managing a team means being with it and working together. It will be a way both of affirming your authority and of obtaining the confidence of your collaborators who will be stimulated by your involvement.

  1. Give meaning to your Projects and team

Asking your employees to achieve a goal without understanding their meaning is a mistake when you want to manage a team. To encourage your team's involvement and involvement, each employee must understand the meaning of his or her mission, and it is up to you, manager, to explain.

  1. You are Part of this team

Managers sometimes think that, by their position, they are naturally above others. In reality, to manage a team is to get involved and to show self-denial. Showing a stable and reassuring personality is enough to motivate his troops. Never take an attack personally and know how to question you permanently. Your teams will do the same.

  1. Focus on Collaborative Work

One of the most common mistakes in managers is the lack of delegation. Yet your teams are able to do the work that is required of them. Do not imagine knowing everything and open yourself to others. Know how to delegate, trust and listen to suggestions. They too can bring you their experience and ideas to develop ambitious projects.

  1. A good manager means being Present without being too

Many managers feel compelled to constantly ask their employees what they are doing. However, this behavior is both a waste of time and a sign of lack of confidence. Knowing how to manage a work team also means recognizing that you can empower them, and above all not being permanently behind the backs of your employees.

To avoid this type of behavior, Planzone is a collaborative tool that allows the manager to keep abreast of the progress of current projects and to track the work of each person online. For their part, employees know at all times which project is assigned to them, the actions to be dealt with first and the deadlines set. As you will understand, being a team manager requires charisma, authority, openness and consideration for the team. 

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